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No Tears, Simple CUTE AND EASY Hairstyles For Your Little Girl

Whether it is the effortless look of a wash and go, or the creative magic of beaded braids , there are a multitude of ways to style your little girls textured hair. If this fills you with the upmost fear, or you simply are looking for some style inspiration to switch up your little girls look, or you want to just see cute hairstyles, this post is for YOU! Taking care of a little textured mane can be difficult if you do not know what you are doing, but once you have aced the basics, there are endless possibilities for natural or relaxed hair. This post will also show you how to get your daughter to learn how take care of her hair independently.By using the inspiration below to learn some no tears, simple hairstyles for little girls, you’ll soon discover the joy and pride of watching your girl slay her new style with confidence. Just imagine how cute those pictures are going to be!


Grab a soft bristle brush along with your favourite edge control products and you’re ahead of the game. If you are feeling creative, add some cornrows or flat twists as seen below:


Perfection is not the key here, so its a win win as the style is perfect for busy day at school or an afternoon laughing and tumbling around with friends. To get this frizz free look, use a creamy leave in moisturiser with medium hold.




Most little girls love to look like a princess,  so try adding some more texture and volume to that top bun. Two strand twists or simple braids will really lift this look.



This is one of the simplest styles to do. Part the hair down the middle, secure with hair bands. brush out each puff and embellish with your choice of accessories. hair jewellery or even flowers.



Just sweep hair up into an easy ponytail, leaving out the section for her bangs. Then two strand twist her bangs using a light hold gel. Once dry you’re ready to unravel the twists and accessorise this easy peasy style.



The perfect wash and go option for healthy curls, no matter the texture. Teach her how to do it herself by including her in the process of moisturising with a light leave in conditioner then air drying. Yes you heard it, its not always necessary to apply heat, save your electric bill and get cocktail on me!). Don’t forget to use your fingers to fluff and separate the strands for full fabulosity effect.



Creating new styles and textures is how you will teach your little girl to fall in love with her hair (and thats why we are really here right?!). So get creative with protective styles such as flat twists. This no fuss style is perfect for any occasion.



No matter what level of hair styling skills you have, these styles are easy peasy, cover girl! With a pack of rubber bands costing less that £1 in your local beauty store, stock up on these as they come in all colours of the rainbow. They really come in handy for those ‘cant be bothered days’, or when you have just got your nails done and don’t wanna chip your manicure (thank me later!)



When it comes to hair accessories, less doesn’t always have to mean more. MORE MORE NORE is say. As long at the the accessories are light and have no sharp edges. decorate your child hair so they can spread some magic in the air! Be inspired by these beauties below:


Extend the wear of your little girls extensions by playing around with the various styling options out there. My top faves are top buns and coloured yarn!


Cornrowed back away from the face to show your little beauties cute cheeks and smile. You can jazz up the style with accessories/beads, or you can simple leave it as it is- its fabulous either way.


Without a doubt, this style was made for royalty! This style is perfect for strands that tend to break easily and are delicate to the touch of a brush.

Lifelong lessons

The question is, how do you get your daughter to learn how take care of her hair independently?

What I have learnt with my own daughters, and I’m sure other parents can vouch, is that its important to never underestimate what these little people are capable of. I finally understand that long time saying of “monkey see, monkey do”.  Which basically means to never forget how much children can learn from just watching you practice on daily basis. I have three suggestions:

1. Start early

Start the process as early as possible, with a simple routine surrounding your little girls hair. This could be a simple as introducing a bonnet at night, or putting on shower cap at bath time. The trick is to not overload them with rigorous processes, but planting a gem in their head about the basic steps of hair self care. Once these simple routines are mastered you will know its time to move onto other steps.

2. Build her confidence in the process

Children love being involved in activities, and this does not exclude self care routines. Its easier to ask them to be quiet, sit doesn’t and stay still with a sprinkle of “don’t touch anything”. Trust me I’m not judging, I have been guilty of doing this, because sometimes I felt there was really no time, or patience on my part.  But I noticed that its about changing my mindset towards the activity, realising that this is a perfect time to bond with my daughter and teach her something new. For example Moisturising her hair is something really easy she can help with, so give her a section of hair and a little moisturiser in her hand, and have her moisturise that section. Practice makes perfect, and just one simple task can make all the difference.

3. Set a Wash Day and be consistent

Consistency is key here, as children respond well to a consistent routine.  However, we are not robots and things can happen, so sometimes you might miss a week here and there, but it is important to try to keep a schedule with wash day for your little one. Let her help too; maybe she can rinse or apply the conditioner. Personally, my daughters wash day is every Saturday, and I let her rinse and moisturise. She now knows her routine because it has become a habit.


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Stay fabulous x

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  1. Love these tips Rita!

    Especially the point about letting them get involved. When you are trying to do hair in a rush or juggling another child on your hip it can be so easy to say – don’t touch, sit still and be quiet – but part of getting them to love themselves and their hair starts with loving the process self care and using it as a teaching, bonding and even healing time.

    Would love to watch any tutorials on your favourite ‘go to hairstyling tips’

    1. Thats great Jade, I’m really glad you found the tips useful. I will dedicate a post to my favourite go to hair styling tips tutorials. Thanks for the feedback, stay fabulous x

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