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Low Maintenance Protective Hair Styles For Covid-19 Lock Down

Why are low maintenance styles needed?

The time has come for us all to be indoors. However with all the salons closed how are we to cope!! I have collated a number of low maintenance protective hair styles that will help you get through the Covid-19 lock down period. “Why?” you may ask, “is this important at this time?”. Well I believe so and here is why. Most of us are holed in with our other halves or most of us also wanna look fleeky on video chats with our loved ones we can’t see during this time. Some of us may simply want to maintain our appearance to feel good about ourselves during this worrying time. Some of us are also having to work from home, doing conference calls and other interactive meetings virtually with our colleagues. If this is you, here are some styles that will keep you going with minimal maintenance. 


Wigs have really transformed protective styling by allowing us to change our look within minutes or even seconds. To achieve this look in the comfort of your own home here is a simple way to get that wig looking fly!

The foundation- Braid Pattern/Slick down

You don’t need to be an expert, just do your best to get it as flat as possible. You can also ask whoever is the house with you to help if you trust them in your tresses.
Braid your hair flat, or if you can’t braid slick your hair down with a product of your choice to be as flat as possible.
Then on goes the wig. Here is a fool proof guide to the best styles to rock during the COVID-19 Lock down: 








Full Lace vs Frontal vs Closure 

This choice can be hard on a normal day, let alone when we have been asked to stay away from our trusted stylists!! During this time we are opting for low maintenance styles, so if you are not great with styling stay away from full lace wigs or frontals as they require more attention and skill. I would recommend a closure wig for ease of maintenance. A 5×5 or 6×6 will give you more to play with if you want more range in styling options. If this all sounds like gibberish, see below a breakdown guide of what the different lace options are:

Full lace wig

A full lace wig is entirely lace, and can be very delicate to manage. This is the the most difficult lace to style for newbies, or those you who do not have the greatest skills in the lace wigs department (so the majority! lol).

Frontal wig

A frontal wig is partial lace at the front of the wig which stretches from ear to ear and comes in a number of dimensions. The most popular are the 13×5 frontals and 13×6 frontals as they are sold as part of bundle deals. The numbers represent in inches how big the lace is in width and length.

Closure Wig

A closure is a smaller portion of lace on the wig, ranging from the most common dimensions of 4×4, to the bigger pieces; 5×5 and 6×6. Just as above, the numbers represent in inches how big the lace is in width and length. 
Don’t forget to wash your wigs ladies! Ain’t no one got time for a smelly or musty head top! 

Draw String Pony Tail

And lest we not forget our beloved draw string ponytail!!! It has saved me on my worst of bad hair days and I’m sure it won’t let you down in your hour of need. See below for some inspo:


Braids are no longer just nostalgic or for the younger crowd. There are a number of braided styles that are classy, timeless and outright fabulous. See below and take your pick! 
Knotless braids 

No tension, not heavy, more movement, so let your hair sway in the wind girl!

Box braids

Easy, breezy quick styling. Can be worn short of long, but rest assured you will slay either way as the style literally does what it says on the tin! 

Fulani braids

A show stopping style that will have you reaching for your selfie camera! Bonus is you can accessorise the heck out of it with beads and hair jewellery of your choice to make the style unique to you.

Braided ponytail

Out of the face style for those hot nights that are on their way, and exposes those cheek bones for the perfect selfie!


Feed in cornrows

Quick style with minimal tension on your strands. Its literally a win-win!


Natural hair- Twist outs

If you have been strong and not succumbed to the creamy crack here are some easy to do natural hair twist outs.
Whatever styles you wish to do ladies, stay hydrated and keep your strands moisturised. 
Stay safe, stay blessed and look after yourself
See you on the other side x 
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  1. Amazing and timely article.
    Addressing all hair preferences to keep us slaying at this time.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you Joanne, lovely to hear that the blog post has been helpful. Keep it locked for more topics, stay fabulous x

      1. Wow! this is lovely. I now know how to look good during this lockdown just by myself. I’m gonna stick to this blog, not going anywhere. This is the best explanation ever. Thank you

        1. Im so glad you found the info useful Tina, be sure to stay tuned for more hot topics. Stay fabulous x

  2. Love the explanation of closure and frontal wigs, so easy to understand! Needed this read, definitely given me a few ideas?

    1. Thats what I’m here for. Im glad its been helpful Jana, Be sure to come back for more tips and tricks! Stay fabulous x

  3. I love this! So much options to choose from. Thanks for thinking of us through this pandemic….Slaying at home definitely matters!

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback Rochelle, stay tuned for more posts covering a range of topics. Stay Fabulous x

  4. So practical loving the ideas on here

    1. Thank you Alicia, stayed tuned for further topics. Stay fabulous x

  5. I love it ! So informative well done girl can’t wait for the rest of your content.

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