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How Can I Take Better Care Of My Vagina? (Part One)

Vagina, Lady flower, Yoni, Cookie, Twinkle, Rosebud, Pum Pum, Vajay-jay, Punani, or whatever name you call your private parts lets not shy away from this subject. Lets talk about how to better take care of your vagina by looking at what it wants and needs.

It seems like there are so many new products in the market promising to give us designer vaginas. To name a few there are lasers, yoni eggs,herbal suppositories and vajacials (Basically a facial for your vagina). But what I have had  to learn the hard way is that keeping you vagina healthy isn’t as complicated as all these new trends make out. So below I will share what I have found on my journey to improved vaginal health.

Stop Doing The Most

You must have seen or read about some products out there that you have to stick up your vagina. An example being herbal detox ‘pearls’. But if I have learnt anything in my journey to avoid the dreaded thrush monster, The less you mess around in there, the better! Reading up on scientific research in this area, highlights that the vagina is self cleaning master and has its own special inbuilt way of managing and maintaining an acidic PH. This keeps things balanced  and helps to prevent infections. Doing the most in there with products can actually throw off the PH and disrupt the healthy natural bacterial flora in the vagina. Trust your vagina to do the job is was created to do. So, steaming, douching, inserting herbs or any other product up there- just stop! Leave it alone.

Clean Your Vulva

Yes the internal parts of the vagina are self-cleaning, but the external part of your vagina called the vulva which includes the clitoris and labia need to be washed. A build up of old, bacteria and dead skin will greet you there if you don’t, and trust me its not pretty. Chances are you may be cleaning the vulva wrong. Its recommended to use Water and mild/non-fragranced soap if required. You do not need to scrub down your vagina like your scouring a dirty pot to get it clean; Gentle does it every time. And if you don’t have soap, just plain old water will do the job. Even if you shower twice a day, or feel the need to wash down there after sex or exercise try to only lather up your vulva once.

Dump The Fragranced Soaps!

I know we all want to set the scene in the bedroom, and have our coochies smelling like pineapples. But using harsh scented soaps is not the way forward as this can cause an allergic reaction to the vulva. Expert advice suggests using a a mild fragrance- free soaps. Be careful not to pick up soaps that say ‘Unscented’ as they still contain fragrances. Save the fruity flavoured scented shower gel for your armpits, legs ,bums and tums. I’m sure it will have the desired affect you were going for, so get that sexy loungewear ready *wink wink*

Don’t Get Sucked In By The Colours- Bath Bombs and Scented Soaks

Im a sucker for a well presented bath bomb, the colours the glitter, the scented surprise when they fizz in the bath makes it all very instagram worthy! Baths are a great way to unwind and are part of many peoples self care routines to unwind and relax. But unfortunately our vulvas were not made to soak in those fragrances. Bath bombs and similar bathing products can disrupt the PH level in your vagina and open up the flood gates for infections and or irritation. If you really cant do with out them, I would suggest limiting your use to once or twice a month at most. Everyone react differently to things, and yes this may not be the case for some people, but just note that extended use whoever you are, your vagina can be affected. So Please pay attention and watch out for signs of irritation (e.g. itching, soreness, change in discharge) after using them.

Stop Rubbing Your Vulva To The Brink of Death With A Towel When Drying Off After A Shower

There was no clearer way to say this. The same rules for washing your vulva apply when it comes to the drying it. do not, I repeat do not rub a towel back and forth down there, because it is too much for the delicate vulva tissue to handle. Instead just gently pat the area dry with a clean towel. You also don’t have to rush to put knickers on when you have come out the shower, enjoy the air down there, your vagina will thank you for it.

Stay Away From Scented Pads And Tampons

First of all, if you change your pad or tampon regularly you will not need to mask the smell of blood with a floral scent. Secondly, scented sanitary pads and tampons are filled with very harsh fragrances that you do not want near your sensitive vulva tissue or perfectly PH balanced vagina. Scented tampons can disrupt the normal functioning of the vagina by causing irritation, so it is advisable to stick to the fragrance free tampons. It really doesn’t matter which product you use, plastic applicator, cardboard applicator, organic or non-organic, as long as they are not scented you’re winning.

Extremely Tight or Uncomfortable Underwear is a No No!

Repeat with me: ” Ain’t nobody got time for Canesten Duo”. So you know those super tight, super uncomfortable, have to hold your belly, tense your vagina lips and cant bend random lacey knickers in the back of your drawer? Yeah we all have them, its time to save ourselves and send them to toss pile along with any other underwear that is ill fitting, tight, or uncomfortable. its best to opt for breathable fabrics such as cotton, and if going for lace and other fanciful fabrics, make sure it has a cotton crotch. With a cotton crotch the style then doesn’t matter, so whether a thong or granny knickers, if its comfortable and breathable you have a happy vagina. If your vagina does not get enough air it can become prone to yeast infections, and these can be itchy as hell. Yeast loves warm, moist environments, so sitting in tight, non breathable underwear is a one way ticket to the thrush treatment isle at the pharmacy.

Embrace Your Vagina’s Natural Smell.

This was by far the most difficult lesson to learn, mainly because no one told me there isn’t a ‘right’ smell, so i spent years trying to figure out what the right smell should be. Most people have their own unique vaginal smell, and this makes sense if you think about it, as we all have different diets and lifestyles and menstrual cycles. What i wish someone had told me when i was a little girl, is that a vaginal scent is nothing to be ashamed of and doesn’t need to be covered up with perfumes or sprays. Obviously I’m referring to the normal smell of your vagina. If you have an unpleasant smell coming from your vagina. especially if you also have symptoms such as itching, then go to your Doctor, But most of the time your vagina smell isn’t something to worry about. Don’t let inexperienced men or women tell you otherwise. Your vagina was not made smelling of apples and cherries for a reason. if you would like it to taste like a particular fruit though, just eat more of that fruit (I’ve heard pineapples work perfectly *wink wink*)

Lube It UP

Lube is literally the under-rated legend and drastically underused. Dry friction was never good for anything apart from starting a fire by rubbing two stick together. You should be well lubricated for sex because it helps prevent the micro tears in and around your vagina that can become infected. Yes i said it! Vaginal dryness can be a taboo subject in our communities because it is associated to not feeling aroused or not wanting it. But ladies save yourselves, lube it up. He will love you for it trust me. the vagina does self lubricate when you’re aroused, but for a lot of women, this isn’t always enough (especially if your partner has that heavy duty equipment). A change in hormones or medication can also affect the natural lubrication the vagina, so thats where lube comes to the rescue.

Do not be fooled, not all lubes are the same, so you should really take the time to pick the kind that is right for your individual needs. I personally stick to the water based lubes as its the safest bet. Its also important to know oil based lubes can destroy latex condoms. If you have a particularly sensitive vagina or allergies, choose a lube with the fewest ingredients and definitely stay away from flavoured or scented lubes. I would suggest buying the mini trail size bottles of different types and testing out in the action what lube best suits your needs.

This blog and the topics it contains, are built for us ladies to be able to discuss, so remember it’s fully interactive. Feel free to share, comment and  subscribe to my mailing list to be the first to know when I have new topics.

Stay Fabulous x



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  1. PREACH! A stark, honest and down to earth article. So many young women cry out for this accurate chat about our bodies. Thanks!

    1. Great to hear that Alicia! Don’t forget to share for all to read. Stay fabulous x

  2. Absolutely loved it ?. Great minds think alike on the pineapple (snm). Straight to the point and will be sharing this as some women just don’t have a scooby doo.

    1. Thanks for reading Jenny! Yes please do share the knowledge.Stay Fabulous x

  3. Hi Rita,

    Thank you! Fantastic article.

    I’m really glad you’re spreading the word. I have a real difficulty finding unscented pads and tampons in the UK and I really wish that the chemists and supermarkets would stock a broader selection of unscented products. The only decent selection of styles and absorbancies are in scented products, it makes shopping for essential products very tedious.

    Thanks again!

    1. Lisa, That is a very good point you have highlighted! I will do a post about where you can find unscented sanitary products, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 of this blog x

  4. Hi Rita,
    What a great article. I have always felt too embarrassed whenever my partner smells my vagina even when watching movies. He always says he loves the smell of my vagina and I have always found this awkward. This article has made me feel relaxed and confident knowing its ok to have that natural vagina smell , I don’t have to buy any products to wash my vagina but simply water will do. Thank you so much for this advice , great help for me definitely x

    1. i am so happy you can relate with this article, stay tune for more topics on well-being

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