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Hair Colours Of The Rainbow- Plan to Brighten The World After COVID-19 Lockdown

Why are colours important?

Colours affect how we act and feel subconsciously. I have loved seeing the rainbows in the windows of the homes of many, drawn with bright beautiful colours and showcased to show solidarity and hope in this unsettling time. Planning is key to any successful venture, so as our trusted stylists have been kept locked away during this time, its a good idea to plan ahead for the summer and what hair colours of the rainbow to brighten the world you will use after COVID-19 Lockdown.
Growing up, as a dark-skinned child I was told to not amplify myself in crowd. Don’t be too loud, don’t wear bright colours and certainly do not put brightly coloured hair in. The attention will be too much. Lay low and work hard. And to be fair at that time that was what may have been required to get me as well as other little girls who looked like me to get through. But I’m breaking the mould, inspired by the boss women of today and the window displayed rainbows.
Below are some colours that would work to brighten up the world once the lockdown is lifted. Colour is the first thing people will notice about anything, so why not give them something to smile about. We are strong, beautiful and powerful people, lets be inspired to plan how we will create our own rainbows in the world. certain colours are associated with certain feelings and emotions that are still very relevant.


The colour of spirituality, purple is a combination of red and blue and inspires self-awareness and is associated with royalty and luxury.


Blue is the favourite colour among humans worldwide
The colour of trust, blue is the shade of the sea and the sky, so inspires feelings of peace, calm and loyalty.


The first colour we distinguish after childbirth is red
Red is the colour of passion and sexuality . This colour attracts the most attention as it evokes feelings of deep love or anger. Lovers of red are passionate with an enthusiasm for life.


The colour of optimism, as it conveys youthful and fresh energy. the colour yellow stimulates the left side of the brain, helping with clear thinking. It is also a colour associated with sure success.


Pink is combination white and Red. Pink is therefore the colour of sensitivity and femininity. Pink gives off a sense of safety.


The colour of growth and health. Green inspires feelings of peace and prosperity


The colour orange is combination of yellow and red and represents warmth and joy. Orange is found to be a motivating and encouraging colour.


The colour of the earth. This colour relates to all things that are simple and natural. Brown inspires feelings of warmth, safety and reassurance


The colour of compromise and is known to signify transition and change, inspiring feelings of reliability and protection.


The colour of mystery. black is actually the lack of colour. a strong and powerful colour, black is sexy, elegant, formal and mysterious. Black is helpful to other colours as it provide as strong contrast and makes them stand out more.


If you cant decide what colour is your favourite or best represents you, why not be inspired by these beauties and have more than one!

Unicorn Colours Inspo.

Unicorn colours are inspired by magical, mysterious and mythical colours. Take your pic and create magic for a banging selfie!


Rainbow Colours Inspo.

Rainbow hair is hair that is coloured with hues found in a real rainbow. These fashion colours combined create a bold, but beautiful hairstyle.

So go forth beauties, let you true colours shine!
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