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And here it is! This is the first point of any successful venture, including all things hair, mind and beauty. I am a self proclaimed procrastinator and I can be very indecisive ( yes I am that annoying friend who takes ages looking at the menu, but end up getting the safe option) However, what my 30 years on this earth have taught me is that dwelling in the contemplation stage of the cycle for too long does not produce results. It gives birth to more doubt and eventually more options to choose from. So here is a easy hack to make easier choices:


*Example using a dream hairstyle



Pick the style you want to do (deep down we know exactly what we want to do) gather your screenshots, saved pictures, favourite those picture tags of your dream style



Book it in! Whether it’s your cousin’s friend’s sister or a hair salon, get that booking made!!!! Woooooop!



Selfies, Selfies Selfies,


How can you apply this hack in other areas your life?

*swap out hair style for whatever choice it is you want to make. It could be finally getting that spa day you and your friends have been planning for how many years lol. Whatever it is, this hack will make it work. You will slay regardless! #winning

If you’re anything like me and anxiety and self doubt get the best of you at times here is the answer to the number one killer of dreams/ideas:

SELF DOUBT (What if I make a mistake and my hair looks like trash?)

We all know the key to learning is doing. By starting with a simple question. What is the difference between a dreamer and doer?

The answer is… a deadline.


To slay successfully is to break free from the dreamer mindset and start getting things done. So that style you screen shotted, 100 times – Do it! That nail design you want to try, book your nail tech and get it done! That massage you have been thinking of getting- get it booked in! (that back will not rub itself)


The inner critique is usually the most harsh. This is the time to be kinder to ourselves. So whatever way you would like to express who you are, remember to DECIDE. COMMIT, SLAY-, THEN REPEAT


#stay fabulous

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  1. You sound just like me, take for ever to make a choice. If only it was that easy to just decide and go with it but it seems the longer the lasting effect of the decision the longer it takes me to decide. I will give it a go on trying to decide sooner and see how it works out for me. Tnks

    1. Its so nice to know that there are others out there who face similar issues when it comes to decision making. Let over come this together!, let me know how you get on xx

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