Welcome to my humble abode in this world wide Web we call the Internet!  You are most welcome and rest assured you are in the right place to find hair hacks, product reviews and self care tips. I am a mother, a wife, a hair stylist, social worker, a bestie, a sister, a friend an aunt,  I am many things to many people, but most importantly I tell it like it is fair and square


In 2015, this space was just an idea, behind the scenes, I shared the idea with my besties, while tucking into our Sunday dinner and prosecco, to put out honest and real content on a platform I could share with people around the world.


Fast forward to now and it is happening! (eeeeek) I will be reviewing hair products – sometimes beauty if I’m particularly moved by a product and feel you would benefit from it or just to advise you to stay well clear because it crap! Lol. I will also share mind wellness hacks or better known as self care hacks because beauty without sanity is stress, and ain’t nobody got time for that!


I am sharing all the tips and tricks I have personally learnt from this long and at times what can be expensive, trying and testing journey of hair, beauty and self care. There is no perfect answer,  every step has been a learning curve and I intend to share the the good, the bad and the down right ugly. Included are all my ‘secrets’. It should save you the time you would have used to seive through all the products and self care information out there as I have tried and tested everything I post about. Meaning you may even save you some Elizabeth’s (cash money) in the process! So get a cocktail on me! #winning #stay fabulous

Stay Fabulous x


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